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Hole in the Sky at Circle X Theatre Co.

“The setting for “Hole” is particularly inspired, especially considering that the Courtship Ranch came within 200 feet of being burned in the Creek Fire last year. “

—Kathleen Foley, LA Times

“Director Kate Jopson, who grew up in the county where this takes place, has used her unique performance space with great creativity. She knows these people and the feel of the characters and their interactions flows as well as the script will allow.  “

—Frances Baum Nicholson, Stage Struck

“It very much felt like we were peering behind a curtain to experience some sort of voyeuristic artistry. Bravo to Kate Jopson and her direction and use of space. “

—KJ Knies, No Proscenium

“With the smell of horse and hay thick in the air, it is not hard to relate to Connor’s love for the ranch. “

—Julia Stier, Stage Raw

“ Every time the horses in the background shuffle around a cloud of fine dust reminds us how precious water is in our grand state. It’s a brilliant concept. “

— Anthony Burns, KCRW

Fefu & Her Friends at Hollyhock House

"... somehow director Kate Jopson, composer Daniel Szabo, choreographer Zsofia Nemes and a dazzling cast create an experience that feels less like seeing a show than traveling through space and time, unencumbered by the laws of physics."

--Margaret Grey, LA Times

"Maria Irene Fornés’s 1977 exploration into the mindsets of strong-willed society matron Fefu (Tunde Skovron) and her seven convention-defying friends is directed with a skillful command of space and pace by Kate Jopson."

--Julio Martinez, Stage Raw

"Director Jopson fluidly moves the action, utilizing Hollyhock House’s extensive interior, placing scenes simultaneously in a living room, a study, a lawn, a bedroom, and a kitchen."

--Julio Martinez, Stage Raw

"Theatre is truly alive in this journey through a night with eight women who come together for a philanthropic event and take the audience on an adventure through different rooms for each scene." 

--Annette Semerdjian, Discover Hollywood

"The mystique of this immersive evening is the Peeping Tom feeling of witnessing these emboldened, strangely apostatic women wandering and playing, who are juxtapositionally liberated, yet trapped in the social dictate of conformity to an ideal of meekness and feminity. Artfully directed by Kate Jopson.... it is Experimental Theater at a finer moment."

--Gia on the Move

 "Davis, Piercy, Rogers, Skovran, Ubranokovics, Uhebe, Zeller, and Zielke alternately sparkle and blaze under Kate Jopson’s assured direction"

--Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

1984 at The Greenway Court Theatre

"This show is harrowing, funny, sexy, brilliantly cast, imaginatively staged, realized by an excellent team of designers"

--Jasan Rohrer, Stage and Cinema

"Greenway’s very versatile theater space has been taken over by director Kate Jopson’s dynamic, young production team to create an immersive performance that starts before the first act in the venue’s outer courtyard, continues during the play and includes a “Two Minute Hate” audience session that felt eerily like a Trump rally"

--Ashley Jude Collie, Huffington Post

Twelfth Night at Couerage Theatre Co. 

"Director Kate Jopson’s freewheeling adaptation [of Twelfth Night] certainly has the courage of its convictions, making inventive use of the entire venue and its park environs." 

--  Philip Brandes, LA Times

Second Skin with The West and The Flagship Ensemble

"With a set designed by Mother Nature herself and lit only by battery-run lanterns post-sunset, director Kate Jopson keeps her talented trio spilling their guts at a steady pace"

--Gil Kaan, Broadway World

"Throughout it all, Jopson deploys her superb ensemble to powerful effect, expertly using both the setting sun and the vistas of savage surf and expansive sand to frame the kind of deep-focus pictures impossible on a stage but that here are both sensually evocative and poetically emblematic..." -

--- Bill Raden, LA Weekly

"Ultimately, what accounts for about 90 percent of the show’s truly absorbing efficacy is the astutely created atmosphere director Jopson anchors. "

---Paul Birchall, Stage Raw

"Under Jopson’s direction, the three performances (Sarah Halford, Claire Kaplan and Susannah Rea-Dowling) are potent, and at times, spine-tingling."

-- Pat Launer, Times of San Diego

"Handled awkwardly, certain site-specific shows can come across as gimmicks that do not present a compelling arc. Jopson's focused direction makes sure that this never is an issue."

---David Dixon, San Diego Story

A Midsummer Night's Dream at UC San Diego

"The site-specific UC San Diego production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (even in chilly late fall) is a moveable theatrical imaginative conception, an entertaining and often interactive production of one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies."

-- Pat Launer,  Times of San Diego