Casagemas (Michael Hammond) toasts Picasso (Walker Hare) after Malouf (Russell Ewing) offers to display his work in Paris.
In Paris, Casagemas (Michael Hammond) and Picasso (Walker Hare) meet Germaine (Hannah Tamminen) and Odette (Vi Flaten).
A begger (Brian Bose) sings about loss as Picasso's painting is displayed at an art opening.
Picasso (Walker Hare) and Casagemas (Michael Hammond) drunkenly brawl on Germaine's (Hannah Tamminen) doorstep.
Casagemas (Michael Hammond) complains to Germaine (Hannah Tamminen) about Picasso's rising fame.
A fortune teller (Lizzie Shipton) reflects a frightening future for Germaine (Hannah Tamminen).
Casagemas (Michael Hammond) is rejected by the art dealer Malouf (Russell Ewing).
Back in Spain, Jasmine (Haya Yasmeen Nasser) splashes water in Picasso's (Walker Hare) face.
Picasso (Walker Hare) takes Casagemas (Michael Hammond) to an opium den.
Casagemas (Michael Hammond) shoots Germaine and then himself.
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