By Maria Irene Fornes 

presented by Hollyhock House

produced by J.U.S.T Toys Production in association with Circle X Theatre Co. 

To be a woman, “Fefu” suggests, is to be in a constant state of danger— from men, of course, but also from other women and even from her own mind and body. The future of feminism may hinge less on motivation or organization than on sheer courage. Yet for a production with such a dark message, this immersive “Fefu” is thoroughly entertaining. I removed my booties above the glittering city feeling more connected to Fornés, Los Angeles history and even womankind.
— Margaret Grey, LA Times

Hollyhock House 

 Hollyhock House was commissioned by Aline Barnsdall and designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1919-1921. Originally intended to be part of an avant-garde theatre complex, the project halted after the completion of the house. Barnsdall gifted the house to the City of Los Angeles in 1927.  Hollyhock House underwent extensive renovations and the LA Department of Cultural Affairs re-opened it to the public in 2014. FEFU was the first-ever theatre performance at the house, finally making Aline Barnsdall’s vision a reality.


International Cast

In order to convey that pressures facing women occur across the world, we cast 5 international actresses: Tunde Skovran from Romania (Fefu), Julia Ubrankovics from Hungary (Julia), Claudia Zielke from Germany and Poland (Sue), Caro Zeller from Puerto Rico (Emma), Christine Uhebe from Brasil (Cecilia). 


Maria Irene Fornes

I have been wanting to do a play by Fornes for years and was excited to finally get the opportunity. She was a pioneer of so many theatre movements in the US-- off-broadway, feminist theatre, Latino theatre--in addition to creating her own genre called Abstract Realism.