Pata Sola (Hannah Corrigan) dresses Regan Linton as Queen Elizabeth.
Elizabeth (Regan Linton) and her adviser Burghley (Danvir Singh) are greeted by the Spanish Ambassador (Tom Patterson).
King Philip of Spain (Michael Hammond) plots to defeat Elizabeth.
Nostradamus (Hannah Corrigan) shows Queen Catherine of France (Sarah Halford) visions of Mary Queen of Scots.
Elizabeth (Regan Linton) watches as God (Matt MacNelly) conducts the Earth (Christian Huerta-Murillo) and Moon (Lindsay Shield).
Elizabeth (Regan Linton) asks her advisor/lover Leicester (Michael Hammond) whether she should kill Mary Queen of Scots.
Elizabeth (Regan Linton) watches as Mary Queen of Scots gets executed.
Tilly Boom (Sarah Halford) accompanied by Matt MacNelly and Andy Muelhausen.
Elizabeth(Regan Linton) and her advisers (Vi Flaten, Danvir Singh, Hannah Tamminen, Brian Smolin, Michael Hammond) plan how to get money for war.
The laundress Tilly Boom (Sarah Halford) arouses Archibishop Whitgift (Brian Smolin) and Elizabeth (Regan Linton) by dressing them in their symbols of power.
Shill (Tom Patterson) looks over bodies washed up from the Spanish Armada.
A Spanish priest (Vi Flaten) spoon-feeds King Philip (Michael Hammond) lies after the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
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