Cry Old Kingdom

by Jeff Augustin

Arthur Wagner Theater, UCSD  April 17th -28th

Written by Lorraine Hansberry award-winning playwright, Jeff Augustin, Cry Old Kingdom tells the struggle of Edwin, a Haitian artist living under the dictator Francois Duvalier in the 1960's. Caught between his wife, who dreams of revolution, and a mysterious young man, who is building a boat to go to America, Edwin's identity as an artist and as a human is challenged. Cry Old Kingdom probes into the sacrifices we make to survive.

As director and scenic designer I created a simple space that was rooted in the poetry of the play. The characters are trapped both literally and metaphorically on an island, locked between the mountains, the ocean and the sky. 



Scenic Design by Kate Jopson

Costume Design by Desiree Hatfield-Buckley

Lighting Design by Sherrice Kelly

Sound Design by Ray Au Yeung

Cast: Gerard Joseph, Jasmine St. Clair, Maurice Williams

Stage Manager: Cate Barger