King Claudius (Jorge Rodriguez) is hounded by the paparazzi.
Ophelia (Jenny Grober) prepares Hamlet (Tim Barnett) for the Press Conference.
King Claudius (Jorge Rodriguez) assures the nation that King Hamlet's death is being investigated and announces his marriage to Gertrude (Eva Barnes).
Polonius (Mike Sears) gives Laertes (Andres Romacho) advice before he leaves for college. Ophelia hides from her father
Gertrude (Eva Barnes) gives beauty advice to the audience in the bathroom.
Polonius' (Mike Sears) body is quickly dispatched with after he is shot by Hamlet.
Ophelia (Jenny Grober) imagines that the doctors who are institutionalizing her are Polonius (Mike Sears), Gertrude (Eva Barnes) and Claudius(Jorge Rodriguez).
Once Ophelia has accepted her madness, the doctor's dance with flowers down the hall. (Miranda Dainard, Elisa Leveratto, Jeffrey Chan, Ruchi Thukral)
Ophelia (Jenny Grober) follows the flitting dream of the ballerina (Jenny Moon) she never got to be.
Hamlet (Tim Barnett) walks over Ophelia's (Jenny Grober) dead body.
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