Voice Over

 I have fallen in love with the playfulness and limitless range of voice over acting.   Video games, animation, industrials and dubbing, I enjoy it all. Below are some samples. 

Animation Demo 

The demo features voices of a teenage boy, fairy queen, Romanian bureaucrat, and Katherine Hepburn among others.

(Thanks to the ever-kind Ed Cunningham for making the demo)


A satire of Wonder Woman, Majestic is a passionate feminist and the second-strongest person on the planet. She'll put her fist into the face of anyone who challenges her freedom to express her sexuality. 

The Hyper-Powerful Twins

Based on the Wonder Twins, I play the teenager Chaia who can morph into any animal. However, she struggles with how to best pair with her twin brother who can only turn into water-based objects. 

Superman Satire

In this I play a 50-year-old woman based on Martha Kent who ridicules her husbands feeble attempts to pretend they have sex anymore. Additionally, I play Carol Carter (i.e. Lois Lane).            

Ginger Panther

It's hard learning that not only does your husband regularly cheat on you, but he is a transvestite superhero.

Mountain Crest Gardens

I am the voice for the popular succulent company Mountain Crest Gardens' product and marketing videos.