A Midsummer Night's Dream

Adapted by Kate Jopson

Performed in the center of UCSD's campus, A Midsummer Night's Dream unleashed Puck on the dutiful UC students to teach them why a little rebellion now and then is a necessary thing.  Starting in front of the towering architecture of the Geisel Library and traveling to a grove nestled in a hill, Midsummer broke UCSD audience attendance records and felt more like a rock-concert than a theatrical performance. 

Photos by William Given and Manuel Rotenberg

Footage of Complete Performance

Filmed by Lisa Frank

Scenic Design by Katie Hutchins

Lighting Design by Dolly Zhao

Costume Design by Reny Kim

Stage Managed by Morgan Zupanski

Cast: Francisco Arcila, Helena Jaques-Morton, Emily Cary, Scott Duncan, Jenna Nilson, Jenny Grober, Susannah Snowden-Ifft, Mohamed Shehata, Kylie Holloway,Thomas Teller, Anjika Desai, Josiah Glesner, Agatha Ventura, Tin Le, Kourtni Gouche, Kirsten Rower, Keili Fernando, Aaron Flores, Alan Prijatel, Chris Naputi, Zachary Schell