George Orwell's


Adapted by Alan Lyddiard

Produced by the Greenway Court Theatre

October 21st- Nov 19th, 2016, West Hollywood, CA

"This show is harrowing, funny, sexy, brilliantly cast, imaginatively staged, realized by an excellent team of designers"

-- Jason Rohrer, Stage and Cinema

Fear Destroys Our Humanity

When we began the run of "1984" the 2016 election was in it's final weeks, and concepts like  "double speak" and "Ignorance is Strength" felt resonant. Then in the middle of the run, the election happened and the show went from feeling resonant to real. The show took on new urgency and the cast channeled their fear of the upcoming years into fiery performances. 


Greenway Reads

"1984" was Greenway Arts Alliance's inaugural production of their Greenway Reads program. The play was selected from a list of books created by English teachers at Fairfax High School. Greenway then imbedded teaching artists in the classrooms and gave out 300 copies of the novels to students. Advanced acting students attended rehearsals and over 400 students came to special matinee performances of the show.  

Abbie Huxley as Winston alter-ego and Lizzie Edwards as Julia alter ego

Abbie Huxley as Winston alter-ego and Lizzie Edwards as Julia alter ego

Musician Alter-Egos

I needed to find a way to show the blossoming and then destruction of Winston and Julia's humanity.  Music, especially string instruments, are warm, expressive and are the result of centuries of artistic mastery. I chose a guitar to embody Winston and a violin to embody Julia. 


Scenic Design by JR Bruce

Lighting Design by Bo Tindell

Costume Design by Halei Parker

Projection Design by Hana Kim

Sound Design by Jesse Manapat

Musicians: Abbie Huxley, Lizzie Edwards

Cast: Randolph Thompson, Amielynn Abellera, Peggy Blow, Bill Salyers, Derek Mason, Taylor Jackson Ross, Robert Paterno, Reuben Uy, Lisa Dring, Kate Coyne. 

Stage Manager: Susan Coulter